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The Value of Developing Policies and Procedures (Podcast)

In this podcast, you can gain insights from Chris Patrick and Becky Jordan, both Senior Managers with SC&H Group, into why organizations need to develop the right policies and procedures for enhancing operational effectiveness. To learn more about the firm’s Risk Management Services, click here.

Policies and procedure documents determine the rules and regulations by which an organization operates. These documents – often in the form of a booklet or an internal website – guide all of the major decisions and actions that help an organization reach its long-term goals, and should be shared and enforced across the entire workforce.

However, the challenge is that not all organizations have comprehensive policies and procedures in place. For example, the manual you receive with your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system should not serve as an entity’s policies and procedures document because it is not specific to the organization. Additionally, some organizations may have certain policies and procedures documented, but they may not be complete or updated to reflect changes the organization has made.

In addition, state and local government agencies need the right policies and procedures documents to secure federal and state grants and other sources of funding. If subjected to an audit that shows non-compliance, these agencies need to act quickly to develop the right policies and procedure.

Stay tuned for the second part of this interview, where Chris and Becky discuss SC&H Group’s work in Virginia’s state government and transportation sectors. In addition, to learn more about SC&H Group’s Transportation Services, click here.