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Using Technology to Improve Transit Agency Mission Success [Podcast]

In this second podcast in a series on how to improve the efficiency of your transportation organization, Joe Freiburger, a Director in SC&H Group’s Risk Management practice, provides insights into how to use IT to improve transit operations and drive revenue.

For years the stereotype of a transit rider was a bored, sullen person sitting on a bench, patiently waiting for a bus, train, or subway. But in less than a decade, that image has changed dramatically. Today the person is tapping away on a smartphone, quickly accessing information, paying for services, communicating on social media, and exploring alternatives—such as Uber, Lyft, and other on-demand ridesharing platforms.

For today’s transit agencies, change is no longer an option—it’s essential. New, inventive competitors are surfacing. Customer behaviors are rapidly evolving and despite record levels of ridership, funding is declining.

For agencies across the country, budget challenges have led to service cuts, delays in much-needed infrastructure upgrades, and—not surprisingly—low rider satisfaction rates. In fact, only 47 percent of riders nationwide are “satisfied” or “very satisfied” with public transit, according a recent ETC Institute survey. In contrast, more than 80 percent of Uber customers are satisfied, according to a recent BrandIndex survey.

What are agencies to do?

For many forward-thinking officials, the answer is technology. Long used as a secondary tool in transit operations, technology is now being employed as a primary strategy for improving service, efficiency, safety, communication, and revenue. However, as many officials have discovered, fully capitalizing on this strategy requires effective management and operation of their agency’s IT systems.

These are some insights from Joe Freiburger’s recent SC&H Group Risk Management podcast. To learn more about how innovative agencies are using IT to improve operations and drive revenue, be sure to listen to this podcast.

To learn more about how to improve the performance and efficiency of your transit organization, contact SC&H Group’s Risk Management team here.