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State of the U.S. Healthcare Industry [Podcast]

The Affordable Care Act has created a complex healthcare landscape where industry members, regulators, and politicians are constantly trying to keep up with rapid changes. The ultimate goal is to bring more people into the healthcare system, and provide a higher quality of care, while also reducing overall costs.

However, achieving this goal is extremely challenging. First, we have mixed perceptions about insurance companies and doctors making huge profits, with limited dollars and inefficient delivery systems. Second, the vast majority of the U.S. population does not understand today’s healthcare system, or how to leverage it to improve their health.

This is all creating a confluence of challenges, which point to the reality that no one can predict where the healthcare industry will be in the next decade.

These are some insights from a recent Blueprint for Wealth podcast with Christopher Helmrath, Managing Director of SC&H Capital, where he provides in-depth insights into the changing healthcare landscape.

Listen to the full interview below.

In addition, Chris did a separate Blueprint for Wealth podcast, where he discussed the vision that drives SC&H Capital’s success. During this interview, he highlighted how the practice uniquely facilitates transactions that are the best cultural, personal, and financial fit for clients. As such, SC&H Capital has achieved a reputation for being sound advisors, which is propelling significant growth for the practice in emerging areas such as healthcare IT and cybersecurity.

Listen to this podcast here.