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Maintaining Business Continuity When Moving IT Systems [Podcast]

In the following podcast interview, Jeff Bathurst, Chief Information Officer of SC&H Group, provides insights into how the firm’s IT Advisory Services practice can help companies maintain IT and business continuity when relocating.

Physically moving a company brings challenges, especially when it involves relocating information technology systems. Unlike office furniture that is easily moved, legacy IT systems were intended to remain in a static location.

A poorly planned IT systems migration is disruptive to business, and can lead to costly risks associated with data loss, system failures, employee non-productivity, and data exposure. However, when organizations experience growth that requires a move, careful consideration to some basic steps can help to ensure business continuity.

A clear roadmap that addresses data security and system backups should contain some of the following steps:

  • A full system and data inventory: Do you have a complete list of all IT systems and corresponding data?
  • A thorough network diagram: Do you have a clear picture of your entire network?
  • A detailed project plan: Do you want to move all systems over a weekend, or transition them in multiple steps?

Relocation also provides an opportunity to consider data center co-location – an option that could minimize the costs involved with building and/or migrating to a new computing environment — while still maintaining continuity. For instance, the new location may not offer ample connectivity requirements to support continued growth. Third-party support offered through co-location might be a path worth investigating.

From conducting a comprehensive cost-analysis to assessing your current computing environment, the SC&H Group’s IT Advisory Services team can help ensure a smooth transition to your new location. The team can also develop IT strategies for enhancing optimal operational performance, once the transition is completed.

SC&H Group’s IT Advisory Services practice helps organizations redefine IT strategies and enhance profits by leveraging secure, flexible, and integrated technologies.

If you would like to learn more about how SC&H Group’s IT Advisory Services team can help maintain business continuity when relocating, please contact Jeff here.