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How Enterprise Performance Management Technology Addresses Top Challenges Faced by CFOs Worldwide [Podcast]

Finance offices within global organizations face a long list of challenges that must be addressed for business growth and expansion. One particular challenge continues to haunt finance executives – how do you advance and maintain a shared vision across the enterprise, and coordinate and execute within this shared vision?

This is a growing obstacle along the path to sustainable success as the U.S. economy recovers, and international economies work toward recovery. Finance offices must tailor their businesses to local needs while maintaining consistent global processes. This must be done despite increased regulations, new reporting requirements, evolving job responsibilities, and resource constraints.

So, how can CFOs and their teams best manage, address, and solve this top challenge?

As with all things in life, challenges present opportunities to prevail. Continuing advances in information and communications technology have made new forms of international coordination possible within global companies.

Finance executives can leverage this technology and find new ways to flourish in strategic and growing markets. Technology solutions focused on enterprise performance management enables finance offices to be more proactive, informed, and thoughtful when managing their global enterprise. The ability for CFOs to understand key business drivers, their impact, and how the enterprise will function in the future is paramount.

Enterprise performance management solutions can help connect the planning and forecasting process to key business drivers, and can bring a comprehensive picture of the organization to life with impactful reporting and analytics. With the help of these technology solutions, finance offices can develop a centralized and shared vision of the business model to address this critical challenge.

SC&H Group’s Hyperion EPM and Oracle BI Consulting practice helps global businesses leverage the power of Oracle’s enterprise performance management solutions. An internationally recognized Oracle Platinum Partner, the team connects data and processes with key business drivers to help organizations achieve breakthrough improvements in their financial budgeting, planning, forecasting, and reporting processes.

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