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Government Contractors – Are You Seeking Commercial Business Opportunities? [Podcast]

In the following podcast, Pete Ragone, a Principal with SC&H Group, discusses how government contractors can gain traction by pursuing opportunities in the commercial arena. 

In an era where government contractors are dealing with a highly competitive landscape, many are revamping their business models to seek new opportunities.

Much of this is being driven by recent improvements in the overall economy, as well as a need to offset lost revenue from the federal side.

As government contractors often develop cutting-edge innovations, many of these technologies are also ideal for commercial applications.

For example, a technology that helps to measure the cognitive ability of wounded soldiers could also be used for monitoring concussions and other head injuries for average citizens. Or, a technology that helps the Air Force cut fuel costs is very viable for the commercial airline industry.

While moving to the commercial sector is not a “one size fits all” opportunity for some contractors, it should be taken into consideration.

Contractors should also consider the right partners who can help them determine their market potential, and give them the business tools for effectively penetrating the commercial sector.

SC&H Group provides regional, national, and international government contractors ranging in size from emerging businesses to large primes with valuable operational, financial, and strategic solutions tailored to the unique needs of this market. We help contractors pursue government agency business and meet distinct cost accounting and auditing standards. 

Our thought leaders possess extensive knowledge of issues affecting prime contractors, subcontractors, joint ventures, and various Defense and Civilian government agencies, in addition to small business programs such as 8(a)s, WOSB, VOSB, SDVOB, Native and Alaskan Native programs, Hub-Zone, and many others.

To learn more about SC&H Group’s services for government contractors, please click here. If you are a government contractor looking to expand your business, we welcome you to contact Pete here.