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Government Contractors – Are You Prepared for The New State of the Marketplace? [Podcast]

In the following podcast, Pete Ragone, a Principal with SC&H Group, discusses key shifts in the government contracting marketplace and the many challenges and opportunities that exist in this new post-sequestration era.

While sequestration is two years behind us, and the U.S. government is now operating at a normal pace, the landscape is still very competitive for federal contractors. Lowest Prices Technically Acceptable (LPTA) contracts continue to be the norm, but there is some good news: the Department of Defense (DoD) is moving away from LPTA contracts.

For complex IT systems that support newer cybersecurity challenges, the DoD and other agencies acknowledge that these contracting vehicles don’t offer the best outcomes for meeting mission goals.

In addition, the boom days of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars continue to be in the rearview mirror for government contractors. As such, the federal government is looking for contractors to think “outside of the box” and offer cost-effective and streamlined services that support today’s agencies.

What does this new state of the marketplace mean for government contractors? The current environment points to the need for contractors to be “lean and mean”. Contractors need to be forward thinking and scalable in their operations, which will allow them to best manage costs as business fluctuates.

As the federal landscape continues to evolve, government contractors must remain agile to achieve growth and profitability goals while maintaining compliance within a continuously changing, complex environment.

SC&H Group provides regional, national, and international government contractors ranging in size from emerging businesses to large primes with valuable operational, financial, and strategic solutions tailored to the unique needs of this market. We help contractors pursue government agency business and meet distinct cost accounting and auditing standards.

Our thought leaders possess extensive knowledge of issues affecting prime contractors, subcontractors, joint ventures, and various Defense and Civilian government agencies, in addition to small business programs such as 8(a)s, WOSB, VOSB, SDVOB, Native and Alaskan Native programs, Hub-Zone, and many others.

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