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Government Agencies – Are Your Policies and Procedures Properly Documented? [Podcast]

In the following podcast, SC&H Group’s Russell Ojers and Matt Simons discuss why state and local government agencies require the right policies and procedures for optimal performance and mission success – especially when it comes to employee turnover.

In many government agencies and organizations, there is often a tenured workforce who has been in place for years. While this brings a level of trust and comfort, it also makes agencies vulnerable when passing on proper policies and procedures to new employees.

Having tenured employees may lessen the need for these formalized processes based on the institutional knowledge gained over the course of their career.

However, this can cause inefficiencies and impact operational effectiveness when new employees come onboard. Without formalized procedure documents in place, new workers often get “conveniently trained,” and end up taking the easiest route with their jobs, which can be detrimental to the organization or agency in the long term.

To ensure maximum efficiency, government agencies need to have current and active policies and procedures that are frequently monitored and evaluated for process redundancies, duplications, incompatible duties, risks, and potentially inadequate controls. A thorough, independent policies and procedures review can often uncover these areas for improvement to minimize risk

Once these policies and procedures are properly addressed, updated, and in place, government agencies are then able to effectively train and manage the next generation of talent, who will ultimately be the drivers of future mission success.

SC&H Group’s Risk Management Services team can add value to government organizations by developing sound policies and procedures documents across various processes and functions. The team takes a tailored, detailed, and practical approach to support Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) efforts and provides the best possible organizational transformation opportunities for government agencies. 

If you are a government organization dealing with these types of operations and business process improvement challenges, and would like to speak to our risk management professionals about reviewing your policies and procedures, please contact Russell and Matt here.