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Is Your Financial Close Cycle Managing Your Organization? [Podcast]

The financial close cycle is a challenge for many organizations. With multiple aspects of the process spread across disparate systems and geographic locations, corporations often rely on spreadsheets, email, and manually-intensive processes to manage the components of the financial close.

Despite the best attempts to manage the close, and provide visibility into the status of key dependencies and tasks to all stakeholders, the following questions are still common:

  • What is the status of the period-end close?
  • Where do we stand with the account reconciliations?
  • When will reports be available for analysis?

Fortunately, it is possible to gain insight, increase visibility, and achieve operational efficiencies with Oracle’s Hyperion Financial Close Management (FCM) Solution.

From closing the ledgers, to performing account reconciliations, to publishing financial results, Oracle’s Hyperion FCM solution helps organizations effectively manage the activities that make up the extended financial close.  FCM is designed to deliver real-time answers instead of more questions, and provide the insight needed to optimize the process.

On September 10th, SC&H Group is hosting a webinar that will help organizations gain insight on how to best leverage Oracle’s Hyperion FCM solution.

Following is an exclusive podcast with Kevin Hebbel, a Manager with SC&H Group’s Business Performance Management practice, who shares additional insights into the topics that will be covered in the webinar, as well as how organizations can move away from cumbersome manual financial close processes.

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