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Financial Perspectives – Things to Consider When Starting the Divorce Process

The Multiple Financial Considerations for Starting an Equitable Divorce Process

Imagine you are facing a divorce, or are already reviewing the property settlement agreement your attorney drafted. You are dealing with such issues as custody, living arrangements, savings, and debt. You face warring emotions. One moment, you want to go after your soon-to-be-ex-spouse and get every dime you can. The next moment, you simply want to walk away and forget about everything. This may be the best time to let a professional objectively review your situation and make some recommendations.

There are several areas that need to be considered when going through this emotional and often financially difficult time. These include alimony and child support, real estate considerations, retirement planning, family business issues, social security, and much more.

In this issue of Financial Perspectives, we explore the multiple financial considerations during a divorce proceeding, which can help any couple going through this challenging time come out on top.

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