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Why CFOs Leverage Oracle Business Intelligence Solutions to Drive Growth [Graphic Recording]

Do you have access to all of the insights buried in your organization’s business information silos? SC&H Group’s animated graphic recording discusses the future of business analytics. Learn how CFOs who leverage Oracle business analytics solutions find new ways to drive growth.

The thirst for business information and data analytics continues to increase at a staggering pace. Business analytics are a hot topic trending in the market, and rightfully so.

The access to – and way we interact with – business information is quickly transforming job responsibilities for finance, operations, and technology executives worldwide.

How will these business analytics trends impact your company’s bottom line? CFOs realize it isn’t “enough” to rely only on general ledger and financial statement level reporting to model, forecast, and plan for growth. Executives must leverage information that aligns customary financial data with real-time operational metrics for more informed, strategic decision making.

The future is all about intelligent data. This means finding synergies between traditional financial statements and new operational data mined from various sources, and identifying mission-critical patterns and insights.

At SC&H Group, we see these trends as opportunities to develop innovative solutions and provide an even higher level of predictive analytics to drive strategic decisions and future growth in ways never imagined.

SC&H Group, an internationally recognized Oracle Platinum Partner, helps global businesses to create “one version of the truth” by leveraging the power of Hyperion Enterprise Performance Management and Oracle Business Intelligence solutions. We connect data and processes with key business drivers to drive profits.

By combining financial, operational, and big data sources to form a clearer, more realistic picture of the organization, companies can pinpoint what is trending, and where growth opportunities exist.

Make sure your company is prepared for the future of predictive analytics to enhance strategic decision-making and drive growth. In a recent white paper, SC&H Group’s Fran Burns discusses why utilizing business analytics is no longer a long-term option – but an immediate need for CFOs. Click here to get this white paper now, or, contact us directly so we can learn more about your needs.