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Spring 2016 Not-for-Profit Summit Recap

SC&H Group and SunTrust hosted their semi-annual Not-for-Profit Summit in Hunt Valley, MD. This event brought together industry leaders to discuss the current issues facing not-for-profit organizations – and revealed best practices that can help address these various economic, organizational, and strategic challenges.

Session recordings and speaker presentations from this event are included below.

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Economic Update
Presented by Fred Walls and Colleen Doremus, SunTrust

In this keynote address, Fred and Colleen reviewed:

  • The overall state of the economy
  • Why current market conditions are both unique and challenging
  • What conditions could mean for growth, interest rates, and the investing markets over the coming year

Click here to download Fred’s full presentation. 

What Every Not-For-Profit Needs to Know About Information Security
Presented by Jeff Bathurst, Chief Information Officer, SC&H Group

In this keynote address, Jeff discussed:

  • Today’s fast-paced and dynamic technology industry
  • Opportunities to leverage the latest technology at a fraction of historical costs
  • How to make sure proper security measures, processes, and systems are in place to prevent a cyberattack

Click here to download Jeff’s full presentation.

How to Thrive Through the Next Financial Crisis
Presented by Linda Dennison, Associate Head for Finance and Operations, Indian Creek School and Rahel Rosner, Director of Finance Operations, Georgetown Day School

In this session, Linda and Rahel reviewed:

  • New lessons independent school leaders can learn from each financial crisis
  • How to make your nonprofit stronger
  • Methods to be better prepared for future market uncertainties

Click here to download Linda and Rahel’s full presentation.

Breakout Session #1: Risk Management – Proactive and Preventive Best Practices In the Wake of Wounded Warriors
Presented by Geoff Genth, Principal, Kramon & Graham, and Mike Young, Director, SC&H Group

In this session, Geoff and Mike discussed how to:

  • Be a responsible steward of donor funding
  • Minimize risk in general operations and governance
  • Ensure policies and procedures can withstand scrutiny

Click here to download this full presentation.

Click here to download the second presentation.

Breakout Session #2: Leadership During Turbulent Times
Presented by Linda Dennison, Associate Head for Finance and Operations, Indian Creek School

In this session, Linda utilized case studies of actual events from real nonprofits to review how CFOs:

  • Can help lead their organizations through challenging crises and moral dilemmas
  • Can be someone the community looks to for guidance, whether difficulties arise from economic hardship, workforce downsizing, or poor ethical choices of other nonprofit leaders

Click here to download Linda’s full presentation. 

Breakout Session #3: Accounting and Audit Update
Presented by Paul Shifrin, Director, Lori Burghauser, Principal, and Rachel Andujar, Manager, SC&H Group

In this session, Paul, Lori, and Rachel discussed:

  • Current changes to revenue recognition
  • Proposed changes to the Not-For-Profit model for financial statement presentation
  • The latest tax pronouncements impacting non-profit organizations

Click here to download this full presentation.

Not-for-Profit Strategic Planning
Presented by Christopher Helmrath, Managing Director, SC&H Capital

In this session, Chris reviewed:

  • Why strategic planning is the backbone of the work of any organization
  • How to encourage creativity, flexibility, and the overall capacity for individuals to recognize and respond to opportunity at every level of the organization
  • How to challenge the cycles of conformity