Expertise Beyond the Numbers

The Path to a Successful Cloud ERP Implementation

Implementing a new cloud ERP system is a far-reaching, organization-defining event that transforms your current processes into (what should be) best-in-class solutions.

However, no single implementation is like another, and each comes with its own set of challenges. They are a marathon that involve many moving parts, people, and variables—and things can go awry along the way. This is not meant to scare, but to prepare. There are a few common pitfalls we’ve seen across all of our implementations, and the more you can get ahead of these and prepare, the better off your organization will be if/when they do occur.

In this eBook, we examine the five most common pitfalls of cloud ERP implementations, and the best strategy for dealing with each.

  1. Personnel Bandwidth Restrictions
  2. Scope Creep
  3. Insufficient Training
  4. Lack of User Acceptance Training
  5. Data Reconciliation

Things will inevitably always hit a rocking point—that’s the case with any large project or technology implementation, but the best organizations (and partners) are those that are able to ride the wave and take a proactive approach to planning for these potential pitfalls.

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