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Representative M&A Transaction and Capital Raise Success for SC&H Capital [Case Studies]

Entering into a full M&A process, structuring an employee stock ownership plan (ESOP), or pursuing options for growth capital are complicated transactions.

The business owners, C-suite executives, and board members who are evaluating growth options and preparing for these events require specialized, technical knowledge of capital markets, business planning, complex accounting rules, tax legislation, and clarity of cash flows.

Specifically, they require the assistance of investment banking advisors, who can provide this specialized expertise and work to maximize shareholder value at the right time, with the right process, and for the right opportunity.

With an average of over 20 years of transaction advisory experience, the members of the SC&H Capital leadership team have successfully closed deals for clients over a wide variety of industries and situations.

As highlighted by the numerous case studies included in this ebook, SC&H Capital takes a customized approach to investment banking. They tailor their services to each business and opportunity, helping individuals and companies to contemplate, evaluate, and consummate transactions.

When companies work with SC&H Capital, they receive a full suite of strategic and financial advisory resources to help them develop and execute growth plans and initiatives. For instance, while sound financials remain the cornerstone of the firm, SC&H Capital also engages with an extensive network of funding resources during capital raises to negotiate the best possible outcome.

Further, SC&H Capital professionals respect and ensure collaboration with clients’ legal, accounting, and professional service providers.

Whatever level of assistance is required—from advising on the sell-side M&A process to serving as an M&A deal intermediary or raising capital—SC&H Capital works with clients to meet their goals and objectives and ensure the best possible scenario for all parties.

For a closer look at how SC&H Capital exceeds expectations and maximizes value for business owners, senior management, and boards, download our ebook of successful case studies now.

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