Weekly News Round Up: House Passes Fiscal 2014 Spending Package; Top 10 D.C. Real Estate Trends; and the Latest M&A Deals

Welcome to the Weekly News Round Up from the SC&H blog. Each week, we showcase a series of news stories that span everything from government contracting to personal finance to state and local tax issues.

This week, we have compiled stories about the House passing the fiscal 2014 appropriations package, the top 10 D.C. real estate trends to watch, and how tougher audits may cause companies to update their internal controls.

House Passes Fiscal 2014 Spending Package

Last week, the House approved a $1.012 trillion fiscal 2014 appropriations package providing spending stability for agencies and removing the threat of another government shutdown for at least the next 9 months.

Court Rules in Favor of IRS on Obamacare Tax Credits

A federal district court judge has ruled in favor of the federal government in a lawsuit that claimed the Internal Revenue Service did not have the authority to write rules providing tax credits to individuals purchasing health insurance on the new federal health insurance exchange.

10 D.C. Area Real Estate Stories to Watch in 2014

The Washington Post compiled its list of top 10 D.C. real estate stories to watch in 2014. In addition, don’t miss out on the SC&H-hosted panel where real estate industry trendsetters will discuss two massive market-making developments in Tysons Corner.

Contractors Reshape Growth Strategies for 2014

As we make headway into 2014, many government contractors are creating new strategies to remain competitive, according to a Washington Technology column by Bob Lohfeld of Lohfeld Consulting.

Tougher Audits May Spur Companies to Update Internal Controls

Companies facing tougher audits of their internal controls are spending more time documenting procedures, meetings and management review processes that make up their first line of defense against fraud and financial misstatements.

Deals of The Day – Mergers And Acquisitions

Last Thursday, Reuters provided a complete rundown of all the latest mergers, which includes deals by Johnson & Johnson, AOL and CEC Entertainment, Inc.

The Accounting Wizardry Behind Banks’ Strong Earnings

BusinessWeek provides interesting insights into the “wizardry” behind the solid earnings reported by some of the largest banks.