Weekly News Round Up: Accounting for ‘Natural Capital’ Depletion; FASB Proposal for Newly Acquired Entities and a Cool Personal Finance Book

Welcome to the Weekly News Round Up from the SC&H blog.  Each week, we showcase a series of news stories that span everything from government contracting to personal finance to state and local tax issues.

This week, we have compiled stories about how accountants should consider the impact their companies have on natural resources, how the demand for venture capital is outstripping the supply, and a new ‘cool’ personal finance book.

Report Urges Accounting for ‘Natural Capital’ Depletion

Accountants should take the lead in assessing the impact on their companies of the depletion of natural resources, recommends a new report.

FASB Proposes Clean Up for Newly Acquired Entities

Accounting approaches at newly acquired companies can vary somewhat even when companies are trying to apply existing accounting rules, prompting the Financial Accounting Standards Board to propose some changes.

Companies Underestimate Pensions Outlays, Study Finds

Over the past decade, 71 percent of the time S&P 500 companies contributed more to their pension plans than they were expecting, according to a new study.

Demand for Venture Capital Outstripping the Supply

Fewer entrepreneurs expect to be able to tap traditional venture capital funds in 2014, but corporate venture money may help fill the gap, according to a new study.

PCAOB to Incorporate Economic Analysis in Standard-Setting

The Public Company Accounting Oversight Board has released staff guidance on how the PCAOB should perform an economic analysis as part of its standard-setting process.

Feeling Cool About A Hot Personal Finance Book

According to Forbes Magazine, The Bank on Yourself Revolution, by Pamela Yellen, is a very cool personal finance book.