Expertise Beyond the Numbers

Want to Win the CFO Super Bowl? It’s All About Your Playbook [Blog Post]

The following “Expertise Beyond the Numbers” blog post offers a football-themed look at how CFOs can deliver on expectations by employing the right business performance management technology solutions and support.

On Sunday, February 7th, fans, friends, and family across the nation gathered to enjoy the year’s most-watched sporting event: Super Bowl 50. We cheered. We clapped. We marveled at each player’s abilities. And if you’re a successful financial executive, you may have also reflected on the lessons you can take from the winning team — the Denver Broncos.

While it may never require a whistle or helmet, your company—much like past and future Super Bowl champions—needs the right combination of talent, efficiency, accuracy, dedication, and teamwork to win in today’s business environment. As a financial executive, you are a key part of that success, responsible for developing a centralized playbook to deliver a streamlined, fully capable finance and accounting team.

Fortunately, proven technology can provide the tools you need to win every game. By implementing solutions tailored to the performance management of your business, you can serve as the quarterback, wide receiver, running back, and even coaching staff for your company. For instance, through intelligent technology use, you can:

  • Serve as a Critical Part of the Coaching Staff. With data growth, regulation, globalization, and reporting adding complexity to organizations, CFO roles have evolved to include risk management, regulatory adherence, strategy, and collaboration—requiring the right innovations to support their success.
  • Own and Optimize the Playbook. Dynamic CFOs can continually develop and enhance the corporate playbook by using technology to determine goals and form strategic solutions that improve performance.
  • Call the Best Plays. By leveraging technology to integrate key business processes and provide insight into the linkages of business drivers to financial results, CFOs can advance thoughtful, proactive, and informed decision-making.
  • Anticipate the Other Team’s Play Strategies. The right tools can enable CFOs to anticipate what will happen within the business, thereby helping to correct negative trends and make adjustments to fuel growth.
  • Deliver Valuable Play Analysis. With new technologies, CFOs can manage their efforts through a simple, transparent dashboard that graphically presents data, allowing for enhanced analysis.
  • Gain and Maintain a Lead. In football and business, winners are consistent. With today’s technologies, CFOs can dependably overcome operational challenges and constantly deliver on and even exceed expectations—enabling their organizations to dominate the scoreboard.

Whether you are on the football field or in the office, competition is more intense than ever. But thanks to today’s customized financial management technology solutions, it is possible for any company to have a centralized playbook for outrunning and outplaying their opponents—ultimately achieving long-term business growth and success.

Are you a CFO looking to develop the right playbook for business success? Let’s discuss how SC&H Group’s Hyperion EPM and Oracle BI Consulting practice can serve on your team and guide you to many wins. Please contact us here.