The Secret to a Cost-Effective 401(k) Audit

As we kick off 2019, a surprising reality is 401(k) audit season will be here again before you know it. It is important to start to consider preparing for your next employee benefit plan audit and select who you will partner with to complete the process.

For the budget conscious roles within your organization, the goal is to find a cost-effective and high-quality partner. For the plan sponsor, it is your fiduciary responsibility to find a valuable partner to work through the audit process together, navigating and avoiding any potential risks.

SC&H Group has compiled insights on how an organization can undergo an employee benefit plan audit that is:

  • Efficient
  • Budget Friendly
  • Effective

As you begin your search for your 2019 audit partner it is important to keep these cost-effective audit best practices in mind. If you would like to discuss how these practices can apply to your organization’s 401(k) audit, please contact our Employee Benefit Plan Audit team.

The Secret to a Cost Effective EBP Audit