The Importance of Viewing Strategic Planning as a Moving Target in the Food & Beverage Industry

Christopher Helmrath, Managing Director of SC&H Capital and Todd Fletcher, President, RETHINK recently sat down to discuss an industry we all know and love – the food and beverage market. Like all industries, this space is constantly evolving, however consumer preferences, diet/lifestyle trends, health education, etc. dictate how food and beverage brands can either survive and thrive or crash and burn.

In our latest podcast, Christopher and Todd discuss:

  • His background and career in consumer goods brand marketing from Red Bull to Tessemae’s
  • How trends create THE market, you don’t create the market by inventing a product
  • Why success is not always as successful as you think and what the real high five, bring out the champagne moments entail
  • The art of maintaining brand equity in a trend based economic market and knowing when you stay the course yourself or sell
  • And more!