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The Circle of Good Karma: The Benefits of Giving Back to Others

Studies have shown that volunteering can provide greater happiness, help you live longer and lower your blood pressure. Clearly, helping others creates a circle of good karma, which is one of the greatest aspects of humanity.

For SC&H Group, giving back to the community is steeped in the firm’s DNA. Recently, the firm celebrated its ninth annual Day of Service, which allows employees to enjoy their own circle of karma by giving back to their community.

In one day alone, SC&H Group employees collectively donated more than 500 hours to volunteering.

To honor the idea of changing the world through giving and volunteering, we are showcasing a very special song: “Try a Little Kindness” by Glen Campbell.

Of course, we could have gone with a more obvious song choice such as “We Are The World,” but this left-of-the-dial gem truly captures the essence of helping others.

We hope you enjoy and happy Friday!