SOC for Cybersecurity: Enhancing Stakeholder Expectations & Trust

Designed to combat cyber threats and provide security over sensitive data and internal controls to key stakeholders

As cyberattacks continue to be prevalent, organizations are finding the need to fine tune or initiate cybersecurity risk management programs. As organizations rely on internal personnel cybersecurity best practices, and an increased reliance on third party vendor support, the need for a streamlined cybersecurity strategy is essential to the protection of network data. The need for a report that examines the effectiveness of internal cybersecurity controls has presented itself based on the cyberattack climate.

The AICPA (American Institute for Certified Public Accountants) has structured an independent report called SOC for Cybersecurity to allow organizations to validate their secure cybersecurity controls and position themselves with a stronger and more secure place in the marketplace.

Download the whitepaper and discover how future SOC for Cybersecurity reports can safeguard your organization from threats, and provide your customers with the peace of mind to know their information is safe in your hands. To learn even more about SOC for Cybersecurity and the other types of SOC reports, download our comprehensive guide to all things SOC.