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Shining A Light On 2019 Year End Tax Planning

While 2019 shaped up to be much quieter in terms of large-scale tax-law changes, SC&H Group professionals shared in the annual year end tax planning webinar, despite the calm it is extremely important to start taking steps to tax plan now, because your tax return in 2020 will thank you.

Presenters from the Personal Financial Planning team and Tax Services team shared the fact year to year tax laws continue to see some changes as more regulations and guidance is issued, however keeping up with the latest events can be a preventive measure to keep you from paying more than necessary.

As we near the end of 2019 and reflect on the impact from the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) and head into an election year, the need for strategic and thoughtful tax planning and preparatory advice with a trusted advisor is critical now more than ever. Listen to the recordings below to learn more about how to prepare for 2019 year end tax deadlines and the outlook for 2020 tax strategies and Contact Us if you have any questions.

Individual Tax Planning
Presented by Greg Horning, Director, SC&H Financial Advisors & Amanda Wooddell Wilhelm, Principal, SC&H Financial Advisors

The individual tax planning portion of the webinar provided insights for individuals specific to the new regulations and IRS guidance regarding tax reform, new form updates, and estates and trusts.

The Importance of Integrating Your Financial and Tax Planning
Presented by Andrew Thompson, Director, SC&H Financial Advisors

Andrew shared information specific to tax efficient investing and donor advised funds.

Business Tax Planning

Presented by Jim Wilhelm, Director, SC&H Tax Services, Angelo Poletis, Principal, SC&H Tax Services, and Justin Huovinen, Manager, SC&H Tax Services

The business tax planning portion of the webinar provided advice on important year-end tax planning strategies relevant to state issues such as Wayfair, Nexus, and Apportionment, and partnership audit regulations.

International Tax Planning

Presented by Jennifer Groff, Senior, SC&H Tax Services

The International Tax Planning portion was strictly focused on GILTI updates and changes to tax withholding.


If you have any questions on how to prepare your 2019 year end taxes and plan for 2020 pleaseĀ Contact Us.

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