SC&H Sponsors Successful Fundraiser for Kidney Programs and Research

This past November, SC&H sponsored the 2013 Santé: A Culinary Odyssey event, which aimed to raise money for kidney programs and research. Ron Causey, Managing Director and Co-Founder, SC&H Group, chaired the event, which raised $255,000 to fund direct patient services, community education programs, free kidney screenings and life-saving research.

The event, which took place at M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore, included 40 top local restaurants that featured their signature dishes.

Kidney disease is on the rise and is the 9th leading cause of death nationwide. One in nine Marylanders have kidney disease, and 10-12 die each day awaiting a kidney transplant. Today, there are more than 2,000 Marylanders waiting for a life-saving kidney transplant, and 8,580 who are on dialysis. Each year, kidney disease takes more lives than breast cancer, prostate cancer and leukemia.

Santé raised the much-needed funds for their patient emergency assistance program, providing essentials such as food, housing costs, utilities, medication, and transportation to dialysis. Dollars raised also fund vital research at Johns Hopkins and University of Maryland.

In addition, the money ensures the continued support to kidney patients, their caregivers and provides awareness, education and treatment options to the communities they serve.

SC&H is proud to be a sponsor and will continue to be of such a worthy cause.  And, please be sure to check out the following Comcast coverage of the event.

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