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SC&H Group Expands Reach of Contract Compliance Audit Services

With many companies and organizations at risk of material financial losses due to contract non-compliance, the SC&H Group Contract Compliance Audit Services (CCAS) practice always looks for new channels to offer their expertise.

Partnership With Corporate United

This is why SC&H Group is excited to announce that it has formed a strategic partnership with Corporate United.  More than 230 member companies of Corporate United can now leverage SC&H Group’s expertise to perform third-party contract compliance audits that will ensure that all parties have complied with the terms and conditions of the agreements.

“Often companies don’t have the resources to perform an in-depth review of their contracts, which can translate into financial losses,” said Bill Adams, Director of SC&H Group’s CCAS practice. “We are very excited about establishing this relationship with Corporate United. It provides us with an additional channel to offer our expertise to successfully help them validate that all parties have adhered to the negotiated terms.”

Contract compliance audits typically result in cash recoveries, process improvements, recommendations to improve contract language, reduced financial leakage, documented instances of non-compliance for remediation, and confirmation that internal personnel are adhering to their company’s policies and procedures.

“We are always striving to offer valuable services for the benefit of our members,” said Marc Rosen, President and Chief Operating Officer of Corporate United. “By partnering with SC&H, who is one of the Top 100 CPA firms in the nation as recognized by Accounting Today, our members have access to a range of services that will lower their overall cost of doing business. Ultimately, they will directly benefit from aggressive recovery rates and reduced rates for contingency or hourly arrangements.”

Cost of Contract Leakage

It is estimated that businesses lose millions of dollars due to contract leakage, which reinforces the need for the right processes and controls that identify or prevent financial losses and limit exposure to risks.

SC&H Group’s CCAS team works with clients to ensure that all parties have complied with the negotiated terms.  SC&H Group performs contract compliance audits for clients in almost every industry including retail, technology, financial, professional services, and manufacturing. As such, SC&H Group has acquired a keen understanding of how to efficiently identify potential non-compliance.

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