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SC&H Group Employee Spotlight: Amanda Terzigni Gives Back with the Business Volunteers of Maryland GIVE Program

While providing Contract Compliance Audit Services (CCAS) to Fortune 500 clients is a major priority for Amanda Terzigni, Senior Auditor at SC&H Group, she also firmly believes in the true value and benefit of giving back to the community.

As a member of the CCAS team, Amanda performs contract compliance audits to help organizations prevent financial losses and limit exposure to risks due to contract non-compliance. This type of service allows SC&H Group to provide clients with results that include valuable transparency, significant recoveries, and improvements to contracts and processes.

In terms of community giving, Amanda likes to volunteer at animal shelters in the Baltimore region. She is also very active in many of the SC&H volunteer programs, including the company’s annual Day of Service, where the entire SC&H team goes into the community to complete service projects.

Taking this concept of doing well while giving back, Amanda was recently accepted into the 2014 Business Volunteers of Maryland GIVE Program, which is a comprehensive program that provides professional development and networking opportunities supported by a community-service approach.

“By participating in the GIVE program, I hope to develop into a more aware person who is knowledgeable about the people and needs within our community while learning about new volunteer opportunities,” said Terzigni. “This effort is about helping non-profit organizations carry out their missions of providing basic needs, education, community programming, and other resources by teaching professionals about the value of their skill sets and the importance of volunteerism.”

Through the GIVE Program, Amanda will have the opportunity to work with the 29th Street Community Center, which is part of the Greater Homewood Community Corporation, to launch a fundraising event, support business planning, as well as help with painting and facility clean up.

With a busy professional life, combined with pursuing her CPA, Amanda truly lives the SC&H Group mission of giving back while providing the best possible services to clients.

“This opportunity is very special because it allows me to give back, while also expanding my network with other business and community professionals,” added Terzigni. “I believe that volunteering is contagious.  By helping someone else, you may just help yourself. You may also find a new passion, develop a new skill, or meet a new friend. All of the volunteer projects I have assisted with have had a positive impact on my life.”