Expertise Beyond the Numbers

Matthew O. Tucker, Executive Director, North County Transit District (NCTD), Discusses Key Transformations at the Agency

As state and local government agencies are increasingly challenged with supporting mission goals with fewer financial resources, many are finding themselves in need of a full business overhaul to remain viable.

From instituting better business process and new technologies to creating massive cultural changes, it is possible to transform these types of agencies into highly efficient and effective organizations.

North County Transit District (NCTD), which provides public transportation services for North San Diego County, has recently embraced new changes to help improve overall operational performance by taking a more private-sector approach.

With support from SC&H Group, NCTD is undergoing an IT, financial, procurement and business process revamp that will ensure long-term viability for the agency.

Following is an exclusive Q&A with Matthew O. Tucker, Executive Director, NCTD, who provides insights into the cultural transformation that is underway at the agency.

Q:  Tell us about NCTD and your role in the agency.

Tucker: NCTD is a special district transportation agency created by the state of California that offers transit services in North San Diego County.  We operate commuter rail, light rail, bus and ADA paratransit transportation services to citizens.  We have a $91 million operating and a $27 million capital budget. I am the Executive Director and have served in this role since December 2008.

Q: Tell us about the transformation happening at NCTD.

Tucker:  When I was first hired, we were facing significant financial challenges, which were common for many agencies during that part of the “great recession.”  In 2009, we were facing a five-year budget deficit that totaled $80.4 million, which was significant for an organization with an overall annual budget that was about $88 million at that time.

Essentially, I was tasked with developing alternatives and a final plan that would be approved by the Board and would support long-term financial sustainability and transformation of our business model to improve the delivery of service and business practices.

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