IRS Notices Related to Processing Delays During Covid-19

The IRS just posted updated information on its website regarding the widely reported processing delays that are occurring this summer.  The delays are impacting when taxpayer checks are processed, and it is also triggering notices to taxpayers requesting payment – though payment was sent and they have not yet been processed. Click here for the full notice.

After hearing complaints about balance due notices being sent erroneously, the IRS stated the following:

  • Do not cancel the checks you sent previously
  • Make sure funds remain available for when the IRS does process the check
  • Do not panic if you receive a notice requesting payment and you know you sent the payment in by the July 15th deadline

Current delays with the US mail are not helping matters.

We will continue to provide updates as more information becomes available, until then we all need to be patient as the IRS gets caught up, which will likely take 1-2 months.