Human Error at Center of Major Cybersecurity Breaches

People make mistakes. It’s inevitable. In fact, in today’s media landscape where a new data breach dominates the headlines each week, the reality is that human error is often the main culprit.

According to a study commissioned by IBM in 2014, human error was involved in more than 95 percent of the security incidents investigated in 2013.

How can we reduce this? Is it even possible? It is obvious that there is no room for human error when it comes to protecting sensitive data.

This was the core theme of a recent Accounting Today article, which featured commentary and insights from Jeff Bathurst, Chief Information Officer of SC&H Group.

The article highlights how being connected to the office and clients has placed firms and clients at more risk for data breaches. Growing accounting and financial services firms have employees using multiple devices from remote locations, compounding the risk of a breach.

Bathurst highlights in the article that SC&H Group aims to counter this by focusing on year-round training programs for the firm’s 200-plus staff. The move shows how IT teams at firms are taking a more proactive approach – growing beyond being strictly gatekeepers to ensuring that technology enables client success.

“Because technology does so many things, IT leaders have become more internal consultants. I don’t want to control what you do, but I want a conversation because I am responsible for the security of that information,” said Bathurst in the article.

Bathurst also discussed the positive and negative aspects of using modern devices and services. This includes educating employees on the right approaches for using cloud-based services, which are far more secure than anything on a local server or desktop.

Financial services companies are on the frontline of managing highly sensitive client data. With the rise in high-profile data breaches, the last thing a firm needs is to be entangled in a cybersecurity incident that captures the mainstream media’s attention.

Managing IT security comes down to educating teams on the best approaches – or firms will continue to face increasing data breaches. Making employees smarter about cybersecurity is the first critical step in protecting your networks.

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