Historic Snowstorm Provides Tax Deadline Extension for Maryland Businesses [Blog Post]

In the following “Expertise Beyond the Numbers” blog post, SC&H Group’s Tax Services team provides insights into a new tax deadline extension for Maryland businesses due to the recent historic snowstorm.

On January 22nd, the Mid-Atlantic region experienced a historic snowstorm that crippled the area, and caused the federal government and schools to shut down for days.

Commonly referred to as “Snowzilla,” this event did have one positive outcome for Maryland businesses, which is a new two-week extension for several business tax returns that were due on January 31st.

Last Friday, the Office of the Comptroller of Maryland announced that quarterly withholding returns for the fourth quarter of 2015 will now be due February 12th. This extension also applies to the International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) and Motor Fuels returns.

“This was a snowstorm of historic proportions that has presented challenges for state and local government as well as families and local businesses,” said Comptroller Peter Franchot in a statement. “This extension is a recognition of the way the storm has impacted thousands of Marylanders and hopefully takes a little bit of pressure off small businesses as they resume their normal operations following the blizzard.”

To learn more about how you can take advantage of this new tax deadline extension, please contact SC&H Group’s Tax team here.