Executive Guide to Hiring for Information Technology

Businesses have an evolving list of IT requirements, whether their goal is to stay on par with the competition or to implement transformative technology strategies to increase profit shares. Some of these requirements can be implemented with current teams, others require a more strategic solution or role to take a project to the finish line.

Relying on internal teams to manage larger scale projects while maintaining the day to day needs can be costly; finding and maintaining the right solutions and technology talent as demand for talent increases can make building an enhanced internal team of resources difficult. These are just a few challenges that keep executives up at night when it comes to making substantial technology changes. The need to find a healthy balance, or hybrid approach, to defining technology teams and solutions needed surfaces more often than not for these executives.

When these scenarios arise executives have to ask – is my current IT team capable of strategizing, constructing and launching a technology initiative at large?

In SC&H Group’s Technology Advisory Team latest executive’s guide we share key insights to support executives as they are trying to weigh their options and find the right balance of internal vs. external resources.

Executive Guide to Hiring for Technology