Cybersecurity: Where Does the CFO Fit In?

Cyber risk is a modern business reality and something that can’t be ignored. The rate at which new cyberattacks evolve and the informational and financial risks associated with each, means the C-Suite has to get serious about managing cybersecurity. In this podcast our CMO Mack McGee discusses the question “what particular role does the CFO play in cybersecurity planning and maintenance?” with Jeff Bathurst, Director of SC&H Group’s Technology Advisory team.

Listen now to gain insights on why CFOs should be at the helm of these efforts, drawing on their risk management expertise and developing additional skills at an enterprise level through continuing education.

Learn more about how you can enhance your cybersecurity program to address your organization’s biggest risks, and set the foundation for more dependable performance and long-term success in this eBook. If you have any questions – please contact our Technology Advisory Team.

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