Building Value in Your Business [On-Demand Webinar]

Are you building value in your organization or just revenue?

As a business owner, you work hard, growing your company, creating great reputations, it’s your life, and it’s tied to you personally, in fact, it’s hard to separate the company and our personal lives, each depends on the other. More often than not, the focus remains on driving revenue to grow your business; however, the question becomes, are you building value as well?

Life events, whether expected or not, require planning. There comes a time when you may want to transfer ownership to family members or to sell to a 3rd party. If unforeseen circumstances take place, will you be pleased or disappointed with where your business lands? And will you be happy with how your business is valued?

What are the necessary steps to ensure your business can achieve better multiples while protecting your company, family, and successors?

In the following on-demand webinar, Christopher Helmrath, Founder & Managing Director of SC&H Capital, provides tangible steps to consider to improve the value of your business in parallel with driving revenue.

During this webinar we cover:

  • An M&A Market Update
  • How to Drive Value
  • Valuation Drivers
  • Elements of Valuation Outside of Your Control
  • The Importance of Running an M&A Process to Maximize Value
  • How to Prepare for an M&A Process

If you would like to discuss what makes companies more valuable or what changes you can make to achieve your objectives please contact us.