Keith Keeling

Vice President

"You can observe a lot just by watching."

Keith Keeling

Keith is a Vice President with SC&H Capital and supports the practice’s business development efforts. He is responsible for nurturing and evolving the team’s relationships in market and identifying investment banking opportunities with companies in Chapter 11. Additionally, Keith supports the team throughout the transaction process to generate potential acquirers.

His prior experience includes over twenty years in equipment leasing and alternative financing for small and mid-size companies. Keith applies his prior experiences in market to facilitate building relationships and connecting individuals and organizations in market to maximize value for all parties.

Keith appreciates that the team has the privilege of working with many types of companies across all industries and each one presents a unique situation. Whether a client is in Chapter 11 or its current operation is unsustainable, time is of the essence to successfully restructure or sell a company.

Keith is passionate about the team’s ability to quickly gain an understanding of a company’s financial condition and operations to identify value and develop a solution to maintain the going concern. What he values most is in the end, SC&H Capital saves a company and individual jobs.

Outside of the office, Keith enjoys spending time outdoors cycling, hiking, fishing, or camping. He resides in Herndon, VA with his wife.

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