AdvantEdge Live 2019 Recap

Organizational Innovation in Action

The organizations that want it all don’t leave anything for the way back. They go all-in and accept that becoming comfortable with being uncomfortable and failing forward are the only ways to lead on the edge. These were just a few of the key themes and lessons learned at AdvantEdge Live, our half-day summit held at Center Stage in downtown Baltimore on November 11th. Born out of last year’s internal Innovation Summit, AdvantEdge brought together some of the leading minds in organizational innovation take the stage to speak to more than 250 attendees comprised of SC&H’s employees, our partners at LifeBridge Health, Merritt Companies, M&T Bank, and Venable, and many honored clients and guests.

Keeping Good Company on the Path to Innovation

Speaker Sessions

Nicole Casanova

CEO & Connection Catalyst, Casanova Ventures

Great ideas and great tech are not enough. Those organizations that celebrate connection as the key element that fosters innovation are places where the individual stakeholders, not only the organization, apply a new mindset and assume a new identity as both Connector and Innovator. Successful cultures of innovation understand that it requires connection to expand and scale.

Dr. Daniel Durand

Chief Innovation Officer, LifeBridge Health

American Healthcare in 2019 can be characterized as both the best of times and the worst of times. But for LifeBridge Health, their innovation imperative is following a walk/crawl/run approach to innovating from the inside out, and it’s paying huge dividends. This session digs deeper into the five critical guidelines: start with values, have a bias towards action, embrace transparency, be positively human, and walk it like you talk it.

Shelly Blake-Plock

CEO & Founder, Yet Analytics

What is actually innovative about AI? And how can you tell the difference between marketing hype and the real thing? In this session, we’ll take a look at what’s really going on in AI and what you should know about the AI developments that may influence the way we experience the world over the next five to ten years.

Pritpal Kalsi

Director, SC&H Group

Chief financial officers and their organizations operate in a rapidly changing business world that’s driven by transformation and crammed with enough buzzwords to fill a library. Keeping up or, better yet, leading the pack is a challenge with real complexity and, obviously, real consequences.

The path to financial transformation is all about keeping everything simple. And this means that the most successful, forward-looking organizations are able to isolate their attention on three key things: mastering business processes, successfully introducing and embracing change, and maximizing user adoption (ideally as close to 100% as possible).

Joe Mechlinski

Founder and CEO, SHIFT

Innovation is personal. To innovate you need a profound sense of being, business, and beliefs. It’s about taking the path so unknown that, until this moment, no one had the brains or bravery to trek. Does your organization have the right tools and support to journey into the unknown? Joe shows you how to lay the framework for innovation within your organization, regardless of size or industry. Explore the common trap amongst the majority of organizations known as, Innovation Theatre and ways in which you can break free of the innovation hamster wheel.

Official AdvantEdge Live Presentation

Get full access to the full presentation from AdvantEdge Live spotlighting the power of connection; having a bias towards action and not being afraid to fail; recognizing that AI isn’t dangerous because of its super intelligence, but because it isn’t intelligent; keeping it simple and flipping the model from manual and rigid to automated and agile in; to cultivating an environment where everyone believes that the true value is on being good rather than looking good.
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